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About us

Serving our customers with delicious Indian cuisine we are a well-known restaurant at Bangkok and Pattaya region. Our mouthwatering menu includes both north Indian and south Indian dishes. With a wide range of salads,starters, soups, curries, breads, rice, biryanis, tandoori items, fresh juices and drinks we have a long menu of dishes to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Aiming to provide our customer with best customer satisfaction our team of staff is at the service of our customers from 11am to 12:30 in the mid-night. We have a beverages shopopen throughout the legal time for liquor sale. Reservation facility is available at palm leaf website and at restaurant.

We are also offering tour packages to Bangkok and Pattaya region. Aiming at the tourists from around the globe there are a variety offers and services that we are providing in the tour packages.